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5 Fun Ways to Enjoy CBD Oil

Maybe you’re a daily CBD user, or simply turn to CBD on occasion. Regardless, you’ll be excited to learn a few ways to enjoy CBD oil and make your CBD routine a little more interesting.

Many brands make great tasting CBD oils that go down super easily, with just a few drops under the tongue. And with an array of flavors, good CBD oils have a pleasant taste that is definitely worth the potential benefits. But if you’re still looking for a way of making your CBD oil taste better, or just getting bored of your daily routine, you can always try out new and interesting ways to take CBD oil. 

Bright and Early

Starting your day off with CBD might be a great way to increase energy and focus and decrease stress and pain. CBD oil might go well alongside other parts of your morning routine.

Try adding CBD oil to your morning coffee, breakfast smoothie, or any other beverage that you like to start your day off with. Even for non-caffeine drinkers, it might provide the early-morning boost that you’re missing!

Before Bedtime 

CBD’s versatility makes it perfect for trying to wind down at night as well. A touch of CBD oil before bed might promote sleep and relaxation, and might help manage pain that is keeping you up at night.

Consider adding CBD oil to your nightly cup of tea, or simply keeping a bottle of CBD oil by your bedside table. Taking it 15 to 30 minutes before bed might make for a better, deeper sleep.  

Happy Hour

Want to try CBD on the rocks? If you’re looking to spice up your regular CBD intake, CBD cocktails might be just the thing for you. 

CBD cocktails are a great treat with or without alcohol, and aren’t all too tricky to accomplish! Once you learn how to infuse CBD oil into your cocktails, your bartending skills will bring happy hour to a whole new level.

Be aware to drink responsibly. CBD and alcohol both have relaxing effects. Make sure not to go overboard with your pairing. 

Sweet Treats and Main Courses

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, CBD baked goods might be a great way to utilize your CBD oil. For the hobbyist chef, a few drops of CBD oil could even go perfectly with a savory dinner. 

Baking or cooking with CBD is an especially great activity for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen. When it comes to cooking with CBD, the list is almost endless. It’s easy to partially substitute any other cooking oil for CBD oil. Just subtract your CBD oil dose from the amount of oil that the recipe calls for, and incorporate the cooking oil with it.

Beauty Routines

CBD oil doesn’t have to be restricted to oral consumption. It can also play a great role in your beauty routine.

CBD oil might provide an array of beneficial nutrients to your hair and skin. A touch on dry hair might heal split ends and create body and shine. Dry, tired, or irritated skin might also benefit from the healing properties and rich texture of CBD oil.

Try Out Topicals

Still not sold on pure CBD oil? There’s probably still a CBD product for you. 

If pure CBD oil isn’t right for you, you might enjoy CBD topicals instead. Topicals might address localized issues on the body and work especially well for pain. This might be a great option for someone seeking the healing effects of CBD without wanting to ingest anything. 

Check Out More Cool Products

With an array of CBD products out there, there’s bound to be something for you. Check out the Silver Rain store for an exciting selection of CBD products, including oils, topicals, and more!

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.