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Finding the Best Form of CBD for You

Are you aware of the variety of forms through which you can utilize and enjoy CBD? Maybe you’re familiar with traditional CBD oil and enjoy its succinct, concentrated nature. Or maybe, you’re a fan of smokable CBD bud, and enjoy the fast-acting effects of smoking hemp flower. In addition to these two, popular formats, there’s a multitude of other options that can help you utilize CBD in the most effective way for you. 

From the classic oil tincture, to smokable flower, to tasty edibles, there’s a CBD product for everyone, and each unique person is likely to have their own favorite way of taking CBD. With a high saturation of CBD products currently on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in trying to decide which form of CBD is best for you. Keep reading for some insights into the details of various types of CBD products.

The Many Forms of CBD

If you are trying to determine a suitable form of CBD for personal use, it’s important to know exactly what’s out there. 

In general, the most common CBD forms include:

  • Oil/Oral Drops
  • Smokable hemp
  • Edibles
  • Topics
  • CBD Beauty Blends

With a variety of CBD forms comes a variety of impacts, pros, and cons. Different types of CBD products will be better suited to addressing different conditions.

Oils, Oral Drops, and Tinctures

Perhaps the most well-known form of CBD, CBD oil is also its most simple, concentrated form. CBD oil can be extracted from the hemp through a few different processes, and is usually mixed with a carrier oil to increase absorption, effectiveness, and preservation of the product. 

CBD oil products might be referred to as “oral drops” or “tinctures”. They can range in the type of carrier oil used, any additional ingredients, and even flavor. Some CBD oils might be specifically tailored to address certain symptoms over others, often with the aid of other herbal ingredients. 

Usually, CBD tinctures can be dropped and dissolved under the tongue (sublingually) or simply swallowed. Additionally, CBD oil can come in the form of pills or gel capsules.

Many CBD lovers consider oral tinctures the most efficient and effective way of ingesting CBD, because of their concentrated, easy to take, fast-acting nature.

Smokable Hemp

Many people are unaware that  just like with marijuana, you can smoke hemp to experience the effects of CBD. While smoking hemp will not produce the psychoactive effects of marijuana, there are many aspects that make smoking hemp an enjoyable option. 

Like the cannabinoid THC that causes the “high” from smoking marijuana, CBD can enter your bloodstream from smoke. This makes smoking high-CBD hemp flower an ideal option for many people who want fast-acting results. Smokable hemp can result in a quicker response than CBD oil in dealing with pain, anxiety, and other issues.


Another popular (and tasty) way of ingesting CBD is through edibles. Coming in a variety of foods and drinks, CBD edibles include CBD oil in their recipe. Some of the most common types of CBD edibles include gummies, baked goods, chocolates, or soft drinks. Most recently, CBD infused water has become an increasingly popular type of edible.

CBD edibles can bring some novelty and excitement to your daily routine and provide a more enjoyable way of consuming CBD. They might be especially beneficial to anyone who dislikes the taste of CBD oil.

However, dosing CBD edibles can be a bit less precise than with traditional oil tinctures or unprocessed smokable bud. This can make it more difficult to feel strong potency with some CBD edibles, and often means that you are paying for less concentrated, less direct CBD than what you get from oral tinctures or slower. 

Although dosing might not be as precise, it’s important to note that unlike marijuana edibles, CBD edibles do not create an intense “high”. Just like other CBD hemp products, they share a relation to marijuana but lack the psychoactive compound THC to cause a high. 


Another way to enjoy CBD is through topical application. CBD topics can provide unique therapeutic benefits over other CBD formats. Often coming in the form of lotions, creams, oils, sprays, roll-ons, and more, topical CBD is commonly known to produce a relaxing, “tingling” sensation on the skin’s surface. 

Topics make it easy to administer relief to specific pain points on the body. As opposed to ingestible CBD products, the direct application of topics is ideal for targeting localized pain. This makes topics a great option for anyone seeking out a CBD product that provides relief for muscle aches, joint pain, or any other chronic pain. 

Additionally, most topical CBD products are also safe to mix with ingestible CBD. If a single CBD product is not sufficient for reducing your pain, you can most likely apply topics directly in addition to taking an oral product. 

CBD Beauty Blends

Not all CBD products are intended for pain relief or symptom management. Another category of CBD topics is beauty products. Today, hundreds of beauty products utilize the healing properties of CBD. Even companies that are not focused on CBD products often add hemp and CBD extracts to moisturizers, soaps, face washes, masks, and more. 

There is currently no comprehensive science explaining why CBD can improve skin texture, but CBD is an undoubtedly effective ingredient in many beauty brands. Its rejuvenating tingling sensation and antioxidant properties are just a couple factors that make CBD beauty blends a great use of CBD. 

Which Type is Best for You? 

When you are trying to decide what form of CBD to try, you should consider your personal circumstances and what you are hoping to get out of CBD. 

Do you need fast-acting pain relief? Do you want to soothe pain in a specific area of your body? Are you looking for a way to lower your anxiety levels, relax, or maybe even get to sleep more easily? 

Questions like these can act as a jumping off point, and help you determine what type of CBD product is best for you. 

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