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How to Identify Top Quality CBD Brands

With CBD increasing in popularity, a vast number of CBD products are flooding the market. This makes for an exciting array of some great CBD brands, along with some less-than-ideal products you’ll want to avoid. Unfortunately, many brands scam customers into buying ineffective, or even unhealthy, CBD products. This makes navigating the thousands of CBD brands available rather difficult. However, finding a high quality CBD product that you enjoy can be life-changing.

So, how do you differentiate between a top notch CBD product and a brand you’ll want to avoid? Keep reading for Silver Rain’s guide on how to identify the best CBD products. 

Watch Out for CBD Isolate

More and more CBD products are utilizing CBD isolates nowadays. This compound differs from full or broad spectrum CBD in that it isolates the CBD molecule rather than retaining other enriching compounds present in the hemp plant. 

On top of CBD, the hemp plant includes a variety of other cannabinoids and terpenes that can contribute to the effects of hemp. There is currently an emerging notion that CBD isolates offer a more direct and effective CBD experience. In reality, however, many studies point to the fact that stripping CBD extract of its terpenes and other cannabinoids decreases the quality of the product. Utilizing the entirety of what the hemp plant has to offer can maximize the impacts of a CBD product.

Because of this, it is generally best to choose full or broad spectrum CBD products over products with CBD isolate. This will make for more enjoyable, fruitful results.

Look for Third Party Lab Results

Currently, CBD is a fairly unregulated product in the United States. While certain laws determine the content and sale restrictions on CBD products, the compound is not yet FDA approved and there are no set guidelines that CBD vendors must adhere to when it comes to quality control. 

Because of this, it is extra important to seek out CBD brands that function with transparency. Brands that publish third party lab results make this important effort of transparency by providing public access to the tests that their CBD undergoes. Typical lab analyses will look at the CBD content, THC content, purity level, and sometimes even additional components of the CBD extract. Products that pass lab tests will exhibit high levels of CBD, low levels of THC (< 0.3%), and a lack of impurities that could compromise the health and quality of the extract.

If a CBD brand makes their lab results hard to find, publishes biased lab results, or does not publicize any lab results at all, this is probably a red flag. When it comes to CBD, the quality of the product is left up to the integrity of the producer. Double checking a brand’s test results can assure that they intend to provide customers with high quality CBD products. 

Opt for Locally Grown Hemp

Another important factor to consider when choosing a CBD brand is where the brand’s products come from. The best products will usually utilize locally grown hemp as their CBD source. 

Hemp is legal to grow to varying extents in all of the 50 U.S. states, so there’s no reason not to buy locally grown hemp products! 

Additionally, you should look out for where a CBD product is manufactured. Some CBD products can reach the U.S. market from overseas. This makes for misleading products with often unfavorable ingredients. CBD products that are manufactured in the U.S. will usually have better hemp, higher quality control, and more trustworthy ingredients.

Check Added Ingredients

Speaking of ingredients, you always need to check the ingredients list on CBD products. In addition to CBD oil, most CBD products will include various added ingredients. Ingredients might be included to improve the product’s therapeutic effects, or simply to enhance flavor. Whatever reason, you need to make sure that the product includes good quality added ingredients.

Many CBD oils and edibles include botanical extracts that have medical properties. For example, a CBD blend might have lavender added to enhance relaxation, or chamomile to cause sleepiness. Natural botanical extracts are always optimal over artificial fragrances and flavors. 

The same goes for topical CBD products. If you are going to apply anything to your skin, you want to make sure that it includes healthy, natural ingredients instead of harsh or harmful chemicals. Looking for paraben and sulfate free CBD topics is a good start.

Silver Rain Provides CBD You Can Trust

If you’re still having trouble finding a trustworthy CBD brand, Silver Rain is happy to be your jumping off point. At Silver Rain, we check off all the boxes when it comes to providing premium products.

All of our CBD products utilize broad spectrum CBD oil, which is third party tested by Evio Labs. Our hemp is proudly grown in the Oregon Valley, with all of our products manufactured locally in the U.S.. When it comes to added ingredients, we include only natural oils, herbs, and botanicals, and no artificial preservatives. 

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