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Recharge Muscle Relief CBD Roll On


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Recharge Roll On by Silver Rain creates a peaceful environment to help you relax and quiet your mind. Infused with essential oils, Recharge is the perfect muscle relief roll on to deactivate stressors and aches that may have been as a result of exercise or your daily activities.

Each bottle delivers 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD that can provide relief from sore muscles and joint pains.

The Roll On provides cooling relief when and where you need it the most. The product is custom formulated, a blend of essential oils, herbs and American-grown, full spectrum CBD.

You would find the Recharge Roll On agreeable with your sense of atonement, providing your body with a subtle calm that is not only therapeutic but also rejuvenating.

  • The product is applied topically, providing an almost instant relief from aches and pain.
  • Recharge is transdermal, meaning it is absorbed through all the layers of your skin to provide instantaneous muscle relief where the ache is most.
  • The product is all natural. It does not contain any artificial coloring and additives.

How to Use: Apply as needed on sore or inflamed muscles or joints. It can be used on temples, behind ears and base of necks to target the top pressure points area. *Avoid sensitive skin areas and open wounds.

THC: This product contains less than 0.3% THC.

All natural, no artificial colors, preservatives or fillers.

All products are optimized for their medicinal effects.

We use third-party testing to ensure high quality products.


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