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The Benefits of CBD Skincare

CBD can do a lot–including playing a pivotal role in your skincare routine! That’s right, one of CBD’s many benefits and practical uses includes skincare. The compound can work to improve a number of skin-related issues, including:

  • Acne
  • Wrinkles
  • Dry skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Tired and dull skin
  • Clinically diagnosed skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

But what makes CBD a choice ingredient in lotions, face creams, cleansing washes and more? Keep reading to find out more about how CBD can soothe and improve your skin.

CBD’s Amazing Anti-inflammatory Properties

You might already know that CBD is proven to hold anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, many individuals with chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis utilize CBD to minimize paint caused by joint and muscle inflammation.

Studies showing CBD’s ability to decrease inflammation in the body suggest that it has surface-level benefits as well. The topical application of CBD to the skin might reduce inflammation for skin experiencing irritation, swelling, or acne.

The Antioxidant Effects of CBD

CBD not only decreases inflammation, but is also known for its antioxidant effects. Oxidants are molecules that can interact with proteins, fats, and other molecules and cause damage. A 2020 study showed that CBD can play a major role in reducing oxidant levels, preventing the formation of oxidant molecules and protecting the body from damage.

Many beauty products include antioxidant ingredients in order to preserve the skin’s natural balance and protect healthy proteins, fats, and oils. This makes CBD’s antioxidant properties a perfect component for many skincare products. The antioxidant effect of CBD can prevent skin damage and lead to rejuvenated, fresh looking skin.

Soothing Sensations

Have you ever tried topical CBD before and noticed a slight “tingling” sensation in the applied area? This is due to the presence of cannabinoids–CBD and low amounts of THC–that can produce a slight numbing effect.

Many users of CBD beauty products enjoy the “tingling” sensation in their skincare routines. Lotions, creams, facemasks, and more can create this soothing feeling that relaxes the skin and contributes to a sense of cleansing and refreshment. Other ingredients such as mint, tea tree, or eucalyptus are known to create a similar sensation in beauty products.

If you enjoy this feeling from lotions, face washes, or other skin products, you might especially enjoy CBD skincare! CBD creates an invigorating sensation without being too harsh or abrasive on skin, unlike other astringent skincare ingredients.

Try out CBD Skin Care for Yourself!

Ultimately, CBD provides a number of beneficial properties well suited for skincare. In combination with other ingredients, many CBD topicals can help to target skin issues and improve overall skin texture.

If you’re interested in the soothing, healing, rejuvenating effects of CBD for your skin, consider trying Silver Rain’s Beauty Face Cream. Our special formula includes our own organic, locally sourced CBD oil along with premium essential oils and healing botanicals.

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